Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patty's Day and Hairbow tutorial

I love holidays, even more so now that I have a little munchkin to enjoy them with! In preparation for a pinch free Patty's Day I made a korker bow and then placed it on top of a yellow pinwheel bow- Easy Peasy!

For the korker bow, use grosgrain ribbon and wrap around a wooden dowel. Wrap tightly, but don't over lap. Secure with cloths pins on each end.
(don't mind the orange ribbon, I also made some University of Tennessee Hairbows too! Can't ever start to early with preping for football season!)

Place on top of a sheet of foil in your oven set at 250. Leave in for for 25 to 30 minutes. (Make sure to check once in awhile to make sure it's not burning or anything funky). Let it cool for a few minutes.

Now you have your korker ribbon! I like to cut mine between 2.5 to 3 inches.

 Take a lighter and quickly singe edges to prevent fraying (or use frey check). Then arrange the ribbon on top of your thread, pull together and tie. I like to secure mine with thin wire afterwards.

Next I made the pinwheel bow. I used this Pinwheel Hairbow Tutorial and absolutely loved it- So easy to follow! I then used a hot glue gun to secure the korker bow to the pinwheel bow.

Perfect for St. Patty's Day! (Or a Green Bay Packer fan...)


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