Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tulle YoYo Tutorial

The other day, while shopping at Kohl's I noticed this cute number in the kid's section....
What wasn't cute- the $27 price tag. Oh well I could live without the skirt anyway, but the adorable tulle yoyo's on the shirt were to much. So I went to the craft store picked up some tulle and a packet of rhinestones and came up with my own version, costing me only $2.00 (and leaving me with extra tulle for another current project).


Shirt (or whatever you wish to put these cute yoyo's on)
glue gun or fabric glue
thread, needle, scissors

Layout your tulle and trace a circle using any handy object you can find. For mine I made the middle yoyo larger so I used a cereal bowl. Then for the two outside yoyo's I grabbed a Tupperware lid that was slightly smaller than the bowl. Trace and cut out.

Then using wide stitches, stitch a circle around the tulle you just cut out. Make a stitch that is about 1/4 inch into the circle. (I would recommend using the same color of thread as your tulle. I'm using a different color so it would be more visible in the tutorial)

Next, very gently pull on the thread to gather the tulle. It will first start to look like a bowl as you pull. During this step, tuck the 1/4 inch tulle into the inside of the yoyo so it doesn't stick out. Gather until it resembles a flower and is even on all sides (move gathering around if it isn't even). Then to finish your yoyo up hand stitch the middle, going from the front to back to secure the center and tie off in the back.

After making my yoyo's I then hand stitched them onto the shirt and glued the rhinestones on. Very simple and no sewing machine or much time is needed for this project!


  1. This is adorable! I love fabric flowers and I happen to have some tulle laying around so I definitely want to make these! Thanks for sharing. Found you on Blue Cricket Design's link party. Have a great day! :)

  2. I stopped by from Blue Cricket. This is really great. I will try this. Thanks for the tute.