Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Look for Our Table

While our little white table has been charming and all, it was in great need of a makeover. Lets face it anything white doesn't last very long with a toddler running about!

First we started by recovering the chairs... Super Easy! I just took out the staples from the chairs, making sure to take a picture of how the fabric was folded at the corners so I could reference back to it.

Use the old chair fabric for a pattern on your new fabric. Make sure to iron really good before stapling the new fabric onto the seats.

(This is where the pictures lack in number... sorry!)
When recovering the seats, choose a side of the seat to start on, pull very tight and staple on the ends of that side working your way into the middle. Then do the same thing to the opposite side of the seat that you just stapled. Do that to all sides and then fold up the corners and staple (refer to the picture you took if needed).

We refinished the chairs the easy way- Spray Paint! We lightly sanded the chairs until they were dull, wiped down with mineral spirits, and then sprayed away!

My husband takes full credit for the table, such a great guy! He sanded it down to remove the top layer (it's fake wood, so we only needed to lightly sand until dull). Then he painted a few layers of glossy espresso paint on it. After letting it dry for a week he lightly sanded and applied a layer of urethane to seal and protect it.

And the final result:

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  1. It turned out so cute. I refinished our table 5 years ago & I am ready to do it again. I was going to go white, but now you have me wonder if I want white with kids.